Ready for MatchMaking SPORTS BUSINESS agency for design & development of sports products since 2001 Our focus is on creating sustainable sports products through future-oriented design process solutions.

We are interested in B2B matchmaking collaborations in order to use capacities and synergies for an innovative and successful future sports business.

Alone you are strong, together we are unbeatable!
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Projects nizeshot lab | GLOVEBOOST Premium gloveboost
next generation premium care for goalkeeper gloves
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nizeshpt lab | Creating Future Sports Products future sports products
future sports meets product design 4.0
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Trikotkonfigurator, Sportswear-Creator, Teamsport-Konfigurator sportswear creator
sports products on demand
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Sportwear-Konfigurator, Athleisure-Fashion-Creator fashion creator
athleisure fashion on demand
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STYLED wash FUN | The Functional Textile Care styled wash fun
the functional textile care
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Alien Sports | A New Sports Brand alien-sports
a new world of sports
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nizeshot GmbH München | Legal Office matchmaking
visions coming true
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